July 09, 2012

The End of The Dreaded Siberian Tigger

As in all things, context is important.
Though in this case, it doesn't help all that much...

He was comin' right at me...and I think he was hopped up on Cheetos!
Via The Firearms Blog.
Note that I disagree with his very negative assessment regards the effectiveness of the weapon being used.
7.62 Tokarev is very high powered for a pistol round. A hail of these from a submachine gun, especially if they are hollow points ought to do in a charging tiger.
This drill is for security guards and the .30 Tokarev is going to be the round they are equipped with, so its better that they train for that rather than some hypothetical howdah pistol that would need to be gotten from the armory.

..but none of that is important now, for this Tigger has bounced his last bounce. 

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