January 23, 2017

That Place Where The Turtle Died

The settlement down there looks to be imprudently positioned for any number of reasons. 

Art by Makkou 4

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1 My favourite fridge-logic example of Highly Improbable Geography in fantasy settings are those floating islands in the sky--more often than not with houses, castles, or even entire towns on them.  Three questions come to my mind when I see them:  

1. How would you get up to and down from the floating islands?  You never see rope ladders hanging off of them, there are no helicopters, and winged horses (pegasuses? pegasi?) are not exactly common, even in a fantasy setting.
2. How many people would fall off the islands to their deaths in a given period of time?  It's especially grim to think of a small child running off the edge while chasing a ball.  
3. What would happen if the magic/ancient technology/whatever that's holding the islands up conked out? (A huge disaster, that's what would happen.)

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Thu Jan 26 19:10:48 2017 (jS1F0)

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