January 10, 2011


Wait WHAT!?

As today was the first day of the new semester, last night I logged on to the school website to get the locations for today's classes.

None of my classes were listed on the Blackboard site.
I had gotten the course numbers from there Thursday when I bought my books. Indeed, I had signed up back in November, and yet here they ...weren't.

A little digging turned up some contradictory facts....
I had no holds on my record.
I had been suspended from all 5 classes on Friday.
I was a student in good standing with the university.
I had been suspended.
I was able to add/drop classes.
I was forbidden to add/ drop classes.


In times such as this, it is important for a gentleman to maintain a stoic visage.....so I'll subcontract the expression of my innermost feelings at that time to this young lady.

Anyway, I called in to work and burned an emergency day, and bright and early stood outside the registrars office. After getting blankly stared at, I went to student affairs, then academic continuance, then a class I was no longer registered for, then the history department, then the registrars office, at which point I had compiled enough clues that I didn't get blankly stared at, I got put into the troublemaker line...and back to the history department....and baaaack to academic continuance.....where I was told that IF everything was indeed fixed I should have computer access Tuesday or Wednesday and be reinstated into my classes. 

A few minutes ago I got a confirmation E-mail that the error had been corrected and I am registered for classes and not expelled.



Well, last semester, I was initially taking the absolute maximum allowed course load, However, I ended up having to drop some. As I had difficulty doing it online, I had the instructors do it...and there was a clerical error somewhere between the arts and letters building and registration. I had missed this after the semester because I looked at my individual grades rather than my online transcript.  Friday, when they did a final pre semester check those drops registered as "F"s and I was suspended.

All fixed now...and I only missed half a class....and a few beats of my heart.

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1 Glad everything got fixed!  I was really worried about you!  >_<  I even let Mark know what was up so I'll let him know everything got fixed!

Posted by: Faith at Tue Jan 11 18:22:15 2011 (VvaTL)

2 I'm trying to figure out if you're the unluckiest man in the world... or just the second-unluckiest.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Jan 11 22:55:19 2011 (W8Men)


It does seem as if he's followed around by a black cloud, doesn't it? Such as the first time he went to Japan, and found that the place he was going to stay had burned down the previous week.

Of course, if it keeps up, he might get recruited by a stellar police organization and end up with four gorgeous wives.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Thu Jan 13 19:27:46 2011 (+rSRq)

4 Yikes - a Brickmuppet harem comedy.  Will our Brickmuppet learn to direct his own destiny, or will he forever be hounded by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

Posted by: dkallen99 at Mon Jan 17 15:27:45 2011 (1PFDl)

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