February 02, 2020

So I Heard About Ishuzoku Reviewers

...and did not initially pursue it because, honestly if its only claim to fame is that it's a fan-service show its probably not worth my time.The plot does not inspire confidence..a troupe of (brothel critics?) in a D&D/LOTR esque fantasy-world go around doing reviews of various brothels staffed by numerous fantasy races like elves and mermaids and slimes and..sundry.

 Then I heard the show was quite good, with it actually being described as funny and one of the better shows of the season.. So, I went to Funimation and, to my surprise...

So they have a show that's based on a hentai manga. Its character designs are by a hentai artist. It's plot is more porny than most porn. They depixelated parts of it and they were in the process of dubbing the show. Some of the character designs that have popped up in the promo art , I couldn't even put on this blog clothed. Then all of a sudden they realized "Gracious! This is...(squints) I dare say it might be LEWD!"

How does that even happen!?

 UPDATE: I swear there was a review at the end of that first link.

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1 The really odd part is that they actively promoted it, then subbed three episodes and dubbed one before pulling out. Sony bought them two years ago, so was it someone from corporate finally finding out exactly what their new division was working on?

I should note that episode 4 includes a literal hot beef injection being interrupted by a literal "nice boat" scene...


Posted by: J Greely at Sun Feb 2 21:43:48 2020 (ZlYZd)

2 Actually, I can understand this debacle better than Seven Seas canceling KnJ. Funimation and Sony are just bureaucratic machines staffed by soul-less robots. Of course nobody there knew anything. But Seven Seas was supposed to be "in" with otaku-ism.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Mon Feb 3 00:26:56 2020 (LZ7Bg)

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