June 04, 2012

So..What is German for "Long Lance"?

"Sea Hake Mod4"apparently.*

... At a test-firing in March 2012, the heavyweight torpedo SeaHake mod4 ER (Extended Range) achieved a range of over 140 kilometres.

Note that 140 clicks = 86.92 statute miles

Well...That's alarming.

 This thing has the range of some of the early Harpoon ASuW missiles. Torpedoes are much slower of course and there are issues with IFF and targeting moving targets over the horizon. However, modern torpedoes are FAR more lethal than guns or missiles and they are fiendishly difficult to intercept.

While it might take an hour to reach its target area a salvo of these things could generate an awfully large area of surprise 'torpedo water'....but unlike say the Battle of Tassafaronga, the torpedo water would be full of homing weapons. Yikes!
This massively complicates the defense of our warships.

On the bright side, this looks like a viable excuse for...TORPEDO Pr0n!

 *This story comes to us via CDR Salamander, where there is an extensive discussion of the implications in the comments.

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In all three of those videos, the torpedo goes off directly beneath the ship and breaks the keel. It's spooky to see them hinging up and down at the detonation point, isn't it?

Of course, with its back broken the ship is doomed. Nothing can save it. Modern torpedoes are scary.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Mon Jun 4 15:57:24 2012 (+rSRq)

2 Yikes!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Jun 4 20:00:53 2012 (V/OLv)

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