November 05, 2021

Simping Mishaps and Sodabags

My re-acclimation to bachelordom continues, with my home about 30% in order now, though the  airing out of the house has been delayed by 2 days of rain and 40 degree weather. I have borrowed a tote box from work and have been filling it with books to practice lifting it, in preparation to my return to work Monday. I still can't run and talking is difficult but I'm otherwise fully functional.

Because of the rain , after my workout I spent the day scrolling through news sites, science and technology channels...and watching V-tubers. Because of deep character flaws on my part,  I decided to 'gift 3 subs' to one of them. That is, gift 3 subscriptions randomly to the chat community. This digital equivalent to throwing change into the can of a street musician would be worthy of no note had I not committed some inexplicably act of PEBCAK which resulted in the Twitch page thanking me for gifting 31 subs to some wolf girl from Sweden.


I'm still not clear how I hit the 1.
That was the most ignominious loss of $154.69 that I've suffered in some time. 

However the day was not a total loss.

Recognizing that staying inside is no protection from misfortune or my own idiocy, I went to the drugstore. 
You see, today I had finally gotten my prescriptions transferred to the local drugstore, which was a surprisingly complex process that has taken 2 days. After that, being in possession of a coupon, I decided to go to KFC to get a bucket of chicken. This will last me several days and provide some respite from the kippers and miso soup I'm eating until I reenter the workforce on Monday. I don't drink much soda, especially post-stroke, but I decided to get a 2 liter bottle to go with the bird meat fried in hot grease & to add some variety to the unsweetened tea and water that I'm drinking, but mostly because it was on the coupon. 

Again, none of this would be worthy of comment had they not informed me that they had no 2 liter bottles to sell.
Instead, they had the"half gallon bag of soda".


Has Kentucky Fried Chicken been bought out by Canadians?

Without the Mountain Dew Bottle's green tint, this just looks like a KFC branded bag of piss. This does not strike me as appetizing. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? And while one half of a gallon is slightly less than 2 liters...this ain't nearly a half gallon. And it's in a fricking BAG! Why? What is happening to the world?

In other news. I've got cable and high speed internet again, so does anybody have any shows to recommend? 

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1 Hmmm, from the current season? I just finished the first 5 episodes of "Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru" (World's greatest Assassin gets reincarnated as an aristocrat).The first episode was a cool actioner, but the rest is the kind of Isekai where the MC is reborn with his memories, and grows up with everything going according to plan. What the title doesn't reveal is the aristocratic family he's born into is a house of Assassins and healers, and the Goddess wants him to kill the world's hero. The animation is fairly good, and the tone swings from light to really dark in spots, so it's a bit on the mature side.

Posted by: Mauser at Sat Nov 6 03:55:02 2021 (Ix1l6)

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