November 08, 2020


One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has contacted us suggesting that she has some links of interest. It'll be good to avoid election news for a bit.

"Oh. No... I....uh...just was going to share some expository links on Benford's law...'cause I thought they'd be relevant. They', here, and here. Also a paper applying Benford's Law to elections is here. Sorry, bye."

Oh. FFS.
Thank you imaginary 2-D assistant.
Well, let us discuss why they're well and truly relevant. 

Someone posted this link on Facebook and had it taken down. It's gone strangely viral as various people post it and get their facebook pages censored with the link removed. 

Facebook is defending their decision by saying that the link contains "adult sexual exploitation". I challenge you, gentle reader, to go read the article and point out the lewdness in the comments (we need some amusement). In any event people are having their Twitter accounts locked for linking it.

Whatever one thinks of Trump's increasingly slim chances of pulling this election out. These actions will do nothing to dissuade people of the legitimacy of his protests. Banning any discussion of analysis that does not comport with their worldview is not the act of a movement that is confidant in its position or without guilt. Likewise, the creation of lists, to render unemployable, and deny services to ones defeated political opponents is not the actions of a movement that thinks it is in the catbird seat...and certainly not the action of people who are fit to lead, let alone rule.

There is some discussion of this in the form of opinionated political disquisition rather than mathematical analysis hereherehere, and here.  There is an amusingly relevant BBC article on the overall topic here

You may wonder Why I am allowed to host this most problematical of math links and get away with it. 

That's because I blog on, part of a growing social network dedicated to free speech. You should check it out. Note that there are some upgrades in the works as well. Me 'n You won't fix the world, and is not arrogant enough to try, but it will let you communicate in good faith without fear of your social network enabling reprisal

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