February 27, 2018

Sadly, It Appears That There Are No Australians in Galaxy M-77

Via Universe Today comes this really cool picture of the accretion ring around the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy M-77.

However, it gets neater as they managed to get a good shot of the red-shift of the matter as it's getting flushed into oblivion, and low and behold...it's a counterclockwise flush.

Red is moving towards us, blue away. 
One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes explains what this means with regards to antipodeans in the vicinity.

"Nothing. It means absolutely nothing about that because there's no up or down in space, so if we're upside down relative to the accretion disc then that whole galaxy might be full of bunyips,... according to a completely fallacious interpretation of Heisenberg." 

Never mind then.

I'm standing by the accuracy of the post title though.

(Art was by Tony Takakuki)

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Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Feb 28 08:14:17 2018 (PiXy!)

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