September 18, 2008

Reality Breaking Down

I've been under the weather a bit lately so I pretty much crashed this evening. A while ago I got up turned on the news to see what was happening in teh real world, only to discover that /b/tards are causing trouble in /po/.

WTF? 4chan has entered the election.

Now I can't sleep because of the nagging nauseating  fear that /d/ might be under the bed.

Interestingly, while a lot of people are looking for an elite group of crackerjack anarchist hackers who call themselves anonymous. Michelle Malkin of all people has posted a rundown from a reader which explains what is much more likely to /b/ the truth.

That some adolescent pulled this off is not all that surprising, but the fact that Gawker and others posted screencaps of the accounts as well as contact info for the Governors whole E-Mail list is pretty damned obnoxious.

Profanity is tastefully below the fold.

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