December 30, 2008

Random Bits of Wrong

Christmas kept me away from most entertainment so this week I determined to  had been considering seeing The Day the Earth Stood Still, however the reviews were not good and amongst my messages from an Email list I'm on were these lucid comments on the film by those less fortunate than I.

Save your money for the cheap show, or PPV.
"Just saw a movie that happened to have a title card that read "Day the Earth Stood Still""...
...been lurking around for many years, but  I felt  I had to say
something ...and this new disaster makes me feel like somebody threw  a
ton of raw, fresh excrement onto me, in IMAX format, yet...what kind of
Hollywood dumbass wrote this thing?

I decided to go with Bobtm and see The Spirit instead.

Now I liked both Sin City and 300, the latter more than the former and this is the Spirit after all so I went i with high hopes.

I must confess that it was welcome to see that after all the fan service for the girls in 300 that this provided lots of fan service for the my demographic.
It was also nice to see Samuel L. Jackson having a completely batshit bonkers good time as the Octopus...or perhaps he simply went batshit bonkers during filming and the directors ran with it.
On the other hand...
What in the HELL!?
That was an ODD film....
I didn't exactly hate it but it was really strange and more than a bit unsatisfying...

Anyway this evening I went on the internet and started doing some work on some upcoming posts, in the process I did an image search....
...and encountered a picture where someone had perpetrated "Rule 34" on a

Shudder....not that Cadburry cream egg tan wasn't sort of..cute...but damn....that ain't right.

I need a soda....wait...what??? HOLY HELL!!!

Yes kids....It's the grape soda who's flavor really grabs $2.67 a bottle, it had damn well better.

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This lady hated The Spirit:

From what I've heard, it's a complete abortion.

Meanwhile, I love that label for that soda. Awesome!

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Wed Dec 31 01:10:14 2008 (+rSRq)

2 I didn't hate it, as the sheer train wreck stupidity and was amusing at points. It was better than such execrable wastes of time as the Crow 2 or any movie with Leprechaun followed by a number in its title. As I said it was so bloody odd  it kept one guessing as to what in the HELL was going on....."Can they really be that crack addled? YES THEY CAN!"

However, it was NOT a good film.

I part ways with the above-linked woman who likens this film to a Corman production. Corman is a talented filmaker who liked to experiment. He suffered from near nonexistent budgets and the fact that true experiments sometimes don't work.

The producers of this film had all the money in the world, a top notch cast and superb source material. Corman would have made this work. These guys had everything and blew it.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Dec 31 13:17:58 2008 (kwKeD)

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