August 04, 2017

Quick Update on My Walter Mitty Lifestyle

Art sans text by Ryu Iwamitsu whose site vanished about 10 years ago.
Things have been hectic around here. 

There was a bit of a scare last week with my sister. It turned out to be a hernia, and a particularly bad one at that. In keeping with her no-good very bad week, her car was totaled...while it was parked. Since the surgery, much shuttling, as well as niece and nephew sitting has been necessary, though now, as things have stabilized, my parents have basically moved in with them at this point ("Yay! Grandkids!"). 

On my end work was a bit hectic last week and physical therapy pretty much is wiping me out. 

One up-side to the mind-numbing asininity of my recent insurance scare is that it could not possibly get any stupider. Right?


Well. After some considerable digging, and a remarkable amount of time jumping through bureaucratic hoops and being given incorrect explanations and fixes for issues that were not the problem, I finally found out the reason that all the medical providers were being told that my surgery was not covered. 

I had no insurance during the time I was operated on. 

Simple enough. 

It seems that when I went into UPS and gave them the paperwork indicating that I was going to be out for surgery it was officially documented that I was not working...and therefore not an employee...and therefore my insurance was suspended....for the time I was out for surgery. 

When I went back to work, my insurance resumed. 

Apparently, there was some additional (new) ACA related paperwork that I, and not the office, was supposed to fill out to allow coverage during this time, but no one was aware of this. This ought to be easily resolved...but this is the ACA...alas.

I'm in the process of filing an appeal, but the form is being sent to me in the mail. 
Not the E-mail. 
The mail
The deadline for an appeal is approaching rapidly, and the form requires numerous documents and the signatures of the surgeons. 
Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere on my vacation until this is resolved, given that if the appeal is not approved I'm looking at 60+ thousand dollars in medical bills.

In other news. There are some very loud doves that have nested outside my window. 

Also: All those years playing video games should have taught me to save frequently when working on the computer, in case the power flickered....


Fortunately, I can save face by continuing to blame this PEBKACery on Russian hackers. 

Blogging will resume shortly. 

UPDATE: The paperwork arrived yesterday afternoon. Going through it, I noted that additional paperwork from my employer is required. They E-mailed the form straightaway. I have appointments with the surgeons to collect signatures on Tuesday. Hopefully, this will resolve itself soon. 

My sister is doing better. She's up and walking now. 

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1 pocketa pocketa pocketa...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Fri Aug 4 14:59:31 2017 (/lg1c)

2 This needs to be facepalmed hard enough to put someone else's head through the wall.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Aug 4 18:31:59 2017 (TYvUn)

3 Might be time to get a lawyer involved, because that is some Grade A bullshit.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Fri Aug 4 19:22:25 2017 (PiXy!)

4 eep

Posted by: Wonderduck at Fri Aug 4 20:23:52 2017 (N8AOb)

5 When flying rats, known as pigeons, crapped on my airplane and ruined the fabric, I eradicated them with my Daisy air rifle. The great advantage of that method is that it's quite safe: you aren't going to poison neighbour's dog by accident with it.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sat Aug 5 00:32:50 2017 (pjL8P)

6 Whut?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Aug 5 10:46:22 2017 (KicmI)

7 I think he said "re your pigeons, practice the three S's:  shoot, shovel, shut up."

Posted by: Rick C at Sat Aug 5 20:08:32 2017 (ITnFO)

8 Pete, for air rife pigeon eradication porn, find "Ted's Holdover" on YouTube. He actually airguns pests at local farms for a living.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Aug 6 14:46:58 2017 (TYvUn)

9 Oh. OH! The doves! OK. That makes sense now. Alas there are appear to be dovelings, so no violation of the local bird sanctuary laws are being considered. I've got a fan as a white noise generator which helps a lot. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Aug 7 19:00:55 2017 (KicmI)

10 Incidentally, I'm pretty sure you've mentioned this before, but there are archives and galleries of Ryu's Form Site available in many places, for those who are interested.  Google is your friend.

Posted by: Ben at Tue Aug 8 00:18:39 2017 (S4UJw)

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