January 08, 2020

Protecting Their Viewers From The Dangers of Knowledge

While looking up stuff on the looming Virginia Gun Bills I clicked on a citation in the description of a You Tube video and I got this message...

Click here then click on the "Go to site tab"

The site in question is this one, the Virginia Legislative Information System which gives legislative agenda for the General Assembly and the text of laws, proposed laws and proposed revisions to existing laws.

Youtube declared this dangerous.


It's been hard to find any recent news about this situation other than sanctimonious articles calling the sanctuary movement outside mischief makers though I suppose it's possible that there have simply been few developments since Mid - December. One of those is the fact that the sanctuary movement now stands at stands at 87 Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties, 11 cities and 18 towns. Governor Blackface-McBaby Butcher seems to be deliberately trying to incite an incident, and given how provocative he's being combined with all the AnCap aspies getting ready for "The Boogaloo" the left may indeed get their Horst Wessel moment.

How did we go from one of the most second amendment friendly states in the union to this? Virginia went Democrat (Barely, its really a matter of a very few seats in the legislature and the Governor)  due to 4 or 5 things. There was a HUGE infusion of outside money, both from domestic leftwing groups and indirectly from people like Soros. A vast wave of immigration and refugees that were settled here during the Obama administration and a large number of domestic immigrants from California and the Northeast who having voted in policies that made their homes intolerable to live in moved here and kept their voting patterns  Finally the ineptitude of the VA republican party, which, being so close to DC is basically the epicenter of the Republican establishment's anti-Trump wing. For years they talked of securing the border but now openly call anyone who does so racist. The bad blood that has developed between the party and its voters is hard to imagine. Finally  the vast increase of the federal civil service under Obama  resulted in Urban sprawl populated with people whose lifestyles depend on big government.

This situation has the potential to be a powder-keg and perception will be molded by Silicon Valley, and the dying husks of the news media and Hollywood. I'm not optimistic. I'm even less so given that having watched both CNN and Fox I note that they look like they are reporting from two alternate realities. Both of those boomer broadcasting services are closer to each other than the online forums which are ensconcing people in echo chambers. The U.S. Civil War was fought by people that had more in common.

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1 I was reading earlier today about the latest set of anti-gun legislation being proposed in Virginia, and it's just insane.  I wish I could trust the legislature to listen to the whole of their constituency and gain some sanity, or the courts to smack down the laws if they manage to get enacted, but there's just too much evidence to the contrary.  Several VA representatives were recently caught on a hot mic showing total disdain for and lack of interest in hearing anything said by the "gun guys", and of course the governor is on record saying all sorts of amazingly stupid things.  I don't think they have any idea of the kind of fire they're playing with.

Posted by: David at Thu Jan 9 02:01:10 2020 (rweeV)

2 and here I thought the second civil war would start in Texas.
Which don't be surprised; there's a concerted effort to turn Texas purple, then blue.  We've already lost Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso; the retreat to the suburbs is underway in Dallas.

Posted by: Ubu at Thu Jan 9 17:50:00 2020 (UlsdO)

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