February 16, 2008

Picture Unrelated

Steeljaw Scribe has an informative and thoughtful post up regarding the upcoming attempt by the USN to break up that errant satellite. Read the whole thing.

I'm drilling this weekend and have scads of homework to boot. As promised, regular blogging will resume in a couple of days.

In the meantime, thanks to Ryu,  here is a white haired, green eyed girl in a bikini with two M-1911A1's ....which should punch enough tickets to almost compensate for the recent Patalirro link. 


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Nice beaver...tail grip safeties, but very poor trigger dicipline. There better be targets to both sides. (Then again, 1911's aren't double action, so she can't do much of anything at the moment.)

Posted by: Will at Sun Feb 17 00:29:19 2008 (P2D1U)

2 Even if she DOES have targets on either side of her, she's not going to hit them if she pulls the triggers AND she's going to wake up with big bruises on either side of her head... no WAY she could control the recoil with her arms in that position.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Feb 17 20:51:38 2008 (gwUM9)


Fret not.  It seems she's just capped two goblins on either side, and is now taking a well deserved stretch; the local constabularies shall be along in their usual sixty to ninety minutes to clean up the mess and make a report.  Until then, reload, relax and rejoice that you are part of the Armed/Polite Society.

And to echo SDB:  wonderful; not a straight line on her!

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sun Feb 17 22:37:05 2008 (7TV4g)

4 Hammer down, ambidextrous safety on, so her guns are in condition two. Well, the small ones, anyway; the big guns could go off at any moment.

Also, the costume is actually quite practical. There's no place for hot brass to get lodged next to her skin; it will just bounce off and fall to the ground.


Posted by: J Greely at Tue Feb 19 17:15:04 2008 (9Nz6c)

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