February 08, 2021

Necessary Conversations

One of my less productive habits is commenting in online forums and comments sections. In addition to being non-productive it is, in this day and age, imprudent, though perhaps not so much as blogging. One result of my hikikomori tendencies is that I'm unattached, which turns out to be fortuitous given the trail of my opinions, spread throughout the internet and on this and my previous blog. Now I'm not particularly good at blogging, being diffident in both quantity and quality of output with the result that the blog is very much a Z-list affair that makes me no money and, aside from the rare Instalanche attracts little or no attention from the cancel club. However, given my inability to shut up, there is the possibility that I might, one day attract attention of the wrong sort. Being a B.A. in History, I have some concerns about this since I have nieces and nephews. 

So Monday I had "the talk" with my folks and genetically relevant siblings. Specifically, that if, in the unlikely event I get "cancelled", and they are approached for an opinion on my character, they should all denounce me with much verve and gusto.

"Mount Crazy Uncle" is not the hill for my nieces and nephews to die on. 

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