October 24, 2015


Owarimonogatari is supposed to be the finale of the Bakemonogatari franchise and it shares the tone, pacing and aggressively surrealist art direction of its predecessors as well as being fairly dialog heavy...and text heavy... having bursts of 'textposition' onscreen for such a short period of time that they frequently defy even the pause button.

Araragi, the (former vampire highschool student who is theoretically the protagonist) has tended heretofore to deal with various flavors of supernatural horror. This time a really creepy transfer student has gotten him looking into something much more mundane. 

Or not...

The narrator and point of view are not particularly honest and there seem to be very peculiar goings on...assuming that they are happening.  

It takes two episodes to finally get the ground rules set...

...and now the show is off running; down a flight of stairs in an M.C. Escher painting.

This one is looking to be quite good, being both clever and genuinely creepy at times.

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1 I've been collecting all the series with the intent of giving them the attention they are due.

I've found it's best to watch an episode through without pausing, then later go through trying to read all the text cards.

The one thing I'm really missing though is the original movie where Araragi was first turned into a vampire. So much of the plat traces back to that, it's a shame to be missing it.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Oct 25 06:05:12 2015 (TJ7ih)


Watched Ep3 last night.  The refrigerator moment later was the realization that there was no screen action.  None.  I could have printed out the subs and read them in five minutes rather than looking at nothing for 28.

Don't get me wrong:  we love these shows and have seen them all; but, I wonder if at this point the studio is just playing with us.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sun Oct 25 11:19:48 2015 (lU4ZJ)

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