September 26, 2008


Below the fold is politics... Above the fold is a picture by Emon .

The two items are unrelated.

Palin has a lot of good qualities and a pretty good record, but damn, this interview was mediocre at best and ended badly.

It is an honest answer and to be frank, a responsible manager is instinctively going to want to check facts rather than misspeak, (that's what one would do in a governing situation...hopefully) but it really doesn't look decisive, however rational it may be.  I cringed.

  Now, I did not think the Charlie Gibson interview was terrible, even before the fact that it was rather....selectively edited...came out. However, it was not stellar.

Palin can give a decent interview, though she is not terribly polished. Here she is on Kudlow & Kramer well before her being chosen as McCain's VP pick.

Here she is in a Newsweek interview from March.

And here is an interview from last year by Charlie Rose (55 minutes) of both Sarah Palin and Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano . A brief (1 minute) excerpt is here...

These are decent, though as I said not slick or terribly polished.
It is clear that she disagrees with McCain on a few issues, I wonder if the handlers are handicapping her.

The bitch of it is, Palin seems to be a competent manager and eminently practical. Contrary to much disinformation, her stint as Alaska governor has been remarkably successful, despite being in diametric opposition to the establishment. She has weeded out a lot of corruption and 2 years in, she's achieved most of her campaign promises.

Regardless, the make or break moment for her in this election wil have less to do with her 13 years of public service than it with the 90 minutes next Friday  when she faces Biden, one of the most accomplished debaters in the US Senate.

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