February 20, 2009

Onward if not Upward

...at least that's my hypothesis. Currently I have access to neither so I am unable to test this.

The pickup of peril is running...again...
Good LORD that was expensive.

I'm beginning to understand  the past negative form of Japanese...which I thought I'd mastered some time ago. However, due to my limited use of it and the politeness of others, I was simply ignorant of my ignorance. (Facepalm)

This past week I took a voluntary layoff at UPS. This enabled the less senior person I swapped with work a week and keep their medical coverage active. If we still have this many layoffs in 2 weeks, I'll do this again during exams because, well, it's just nice to go into school not having been up since 2 AM. I'll bow out of not working next week due to the fact that especially after a thousand dollars of truck repair bills, a paycheck is nice too.

I'm beyond fortunate that I currently have this option. Many don't and after the events of this week, I fear this situation is going to get much worse before it gets better.

I've taken advantage of the recent improvement in weather to begin power walking again. 

On the monkey front....There are wanted posters on campus regards a lost Gorilla, but as the only contact info is The Jewish Mother, I find myself doubting their veracity.

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