July 19, 2016



Not only was Melania Trump's speech full of direct swipes from Michelle Obama it was also an epic Rickroll...

As the hepcats say...
Troll level: GRANDMASTER

The question is, who is the troll?
Is the troll the speechwriter?

 I still would not be surprised if Trump was a stalking horse for Hillary and was intended to be this year's Ross Perot...but succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. You may remember that Mr. Perot essentialy elected Clinton in '92 and '96. In neither case did Clinton win a majority of votes, but Perot threw the electoral college to Clinton. Trump is even more of an old Clinton Crony than Perot was, and was also a reform party member for a time. 

This would make Trump the troll...but that would not be a change in phase or state for him and so is likely to go unnoticed if true. 

The alternative to this insane conspiracy theory is that Trump's campaign is as filthy with Mobys and other Democrat operatives as Truman's State Department was with Soviet spies...or their campaign is a complete Mandelbrot set of incompetence. Hanlon's Razor still applies of course, and there are other theories* that have been proposed to account for this thing that's happening here in reality and not in a sitcom or dystopian cautionary tale. 

In any event, despair is a sin...thus I suppose purgatory is the best possible outcome for me. 

* Hat tip to Dustbury for this shocking insight.

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