July 10, 2020

Oh Look, She's Brought a Friend


 Corona-Chan and Unknown Kazakhstani Pneumonia Chan. Art by IkkiMay. Support them on Patreon.

There are a lot of reports that CoronaChan has a rival in the pestilence follies of 2020. Reportedly "Unknown Kazakhstani Pneumonia" has killed 1772 people in  over the last few months. 

However: This alarm is being sounded by the Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan and is being denied by the Kazakhstani government. Since China is hardly a bastion of credibility in any area and particularly so with regard to diseases I recommend not getting too stressed. 

But do keep your eyes on this. You should stockpile ammunition, but as pointed out in the post before last, you should always stockpile ammunition just like I didn't. 

The reason the Chinese are involved is because Chinese workers on Belt and Road Initiative construction projects are making up a lot of the fatalities and, reportedly, the Chinese are a little paranoid at the moment about ignoring mysterious respiratory infections. 

This is possibly of more concern than the recent emergence of a new Swine Flu in China. That has potential to cause problems but it is literally "just a flu bro". This weeks Bubonic plague outbreak (also in China) is of basically no concern as it is spread by fleas and, honestly, it's plague season there anyway. The plague story, which is ONE person, with plague in inner Mongolia is just pandemic year click bait. 

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1 If the Three Gorges dam breaks, Kazakhstani disease will likely be the least of China's problems.

Posted by: jabrwok at Sun Jul 12 15:23:27 2020 (T4WaI)

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