October 07, 2019

Oh Look. I Done Tooted

Actually, I just realized that I've been tooting. Every time I supported someone on Pixiv Fanbox it was tooted to the four winds of Pawoo.

Now they know.
They all know...

Anyway, I've got to figure out this Fediverse thing. I'm wondering if I can't log into other instances because my Pawoo account is through Pixiv.

UPDATE: It doesn't really matter, I'm still able to follow people on federated sites like Mastodon and Pieroma.

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1 Pixy was supposed to be working on a support of ActitityPub (in Meenuvia, or a separate project, I'm not sure). But so far it's not come to fruition.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Oct 8 17:51:34 2019 (LZ7Bg)

2 Yeah.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Oct 8 18:15:30 2019 (PiXy!)

3 I.T. is a lot harder in Australia because they have to work upside down, while surrounded by funnel spiders, taipans and crocodiles.

I can't even imagine how one eats a pie floater upside down.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Oct 8 19:52:42 2019 (YUAc9)

4 So you might even be able to follow me on gab.... I think that's @Gab@Dr_Mauser

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Oct 8 21:10:15 2019 (Ix1l6)

5 I was working on a new version of Minx with ActivityPub support, but came to the conclusion that ActivityPub needed to be central and not just a bonus feature, then gut ambushed by my day job about six months ago and am only just now digging my way out.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Oct 8 22:07:44 2019 (PiXy!)

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