October 15, 2011

Oh God...The Stupid...It Burrnnses Ussssssss

I initially thought this was an idiot gag by some fanboys. (via)


Somebody in the Hornady marketing department who was paid actual money decided that proposing anti-zombie ammo (with a straight face)  would help justify his/her salary. Inexplicably, it appears that said person was given a budget rather than a pink slip.

The disclaimer would seem to reduce the products real-world utility.

Quick dear, sell our Hornady stock now.

Ignoring for a minute the political ineptitude involved in greenlighting this asinine ad campaign, in the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse (as seen in the...umm...movies), regular ammo ought to work just fine. Moreover, given the supposed necessity for head shots (as seen in the...umm...movies), .22 LR is probably a preferable round due to its light weight and wide availability. 

On the other hand, if they are serious about...contingencies....then it should be pointed out that they are ignoring the werewolf menace. To this end reloaders need to be provided with 100% silver bullets (don't bother with cartridges 'cause only the reloaders are hardcore enough to buy such things). Yes...silver...In fact, to save money, just sell ingots...we'll use our own molds...and frankly, no one is talking about Cybermen....they are best dealt with by gold...so yes, Hornady should sell gold ingots. Then Hornady customers would have a hedge against....contingencies and I could get behind that.

This...not so much.

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