December 09, 2008

Oh God...'s Christmas at UPS again.

 I'm going in early to help park the trucks and staying late to help pull them out of the building. I actually managed to make more overtime than straight time last Friday (double secret overtime!?). Anyway I'm tired, so tired that I got home Friday put the key in the door to unlock it and was momentarily puzzled when it wouldn't start...

I'm taking all the hours I can now because this may be it. Some UPS centers in Virginia are reportedly going to close after the holidays and as I mentioned previously there are lots of layoffs on the horizon. There was a big spike in volume up to yesterday but I suspect that this is companies desperately clearing inventory for tax purposes...and it is Christmas at UPS after all.

On the home front, the pickup of peril is now sporting a clutch. (yay!)

I leave for work momentarily, but here are a couple of.....

Christmas carols!

Also here...

Well, enough religion for now.....I'm off to work. Blogging is going to be necessarily light till the weekend. Stay safe!

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