October 03, 2011

My Weekend SUCKED.

Thursday: I developed a sudden, terrible cold, sore throat fever. So I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with strep. He prescribed antibiotics.

Friday: I was deathly ill.

Saturday: I felt better, with my fever down but my coughing picked up.

Sunday: I was coughing up blood. I found this annoying and went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and prescribed new antibiotics. I was told everything ought to be alright in a day or two.

Today: I actually got some sleep and felt better, aside from a terrible sinus headache and an earache. well until I got dizzy....and the pain in my ear got ALL STABBY. So, I staggered to the clinic to get diagnosed with an inner ear infection and pneumonia in my right lung...I was prescribed steroids to...
... explosive gastrointestinal "issues". These were diagnosed as the super whamodyne antibiotic cocktail killing all the good bacteria in my gullet.

All the good that lived in me has been stripped out...only the evil remains..

Now: I'm taking steroids to prevent damage to my Eustachian tubes, Antibiotics to kill the pneumonia and sinusitis, and probiotics for my innards.

I should be able to go to work on Thursday.


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1 Antibiotics do the same to me, which is why I dread them so.  I had The Bronch about five years ago, which came with a very high fever... high enough that I was hallucinating.  I fully believed that my legs were made of wood.  Not prosthesis, not tree trunks, just normal legs that were entirely made of wood.

I called in sick the next day.  I've only called in sick twice in my seven years at the Duck U Bookstore.  The other time, I was in hospital with The Cardiac Incident. 

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Oct 3 23:52:20 2011 (o45Mg)

2 Yikes!  Get well soon, Brickmuppet!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Oct 4 04:43:11 2011 (PiXy!)

3 At what point does being fate's bitch officially qualify as a superpower?


Posted by: J Greely at Wed Oct 5 01:26:03 2011 (2XtN5)

4 About the point he gets recruited for the GXP. I figure about Friday.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Wed Oct 5 13:10:31 2011 (+rSRq)

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