July 09, 2020

My Trip to the Ammo Store

Today I finally got time to go to the big downtown gun store, which I've been trying to do for months. Previously I'd been thwarted by their change in hours due to the WuFlu, some minor civil unrest which resulted in a cordon of police cars around the store and my own insane work schedule. 

The second floor of the building is all ammo and previously had consisted of multiple rows of shelving fairly close together, like a used bookstore but with boxes of cartridges instead of bound volumes.

When I entered the ammo room I noted that the shelves in the middle were all gone save for a single waist high shelf. The shelves were mostly empty. 

A few observations, keeping in mind that this is one data point. 

If I owned a .32, I'd be in tall cotton as there was a vast selection of .32 ACP ammo. There was also a wide selection from .32ACP to .327 magnum. 

There was not a round of .380ACP to be had. 

5.56mm and .223 does not seem to be in especially short supply.

I picked up one box frighteningly cheap Tula 9mm hoping to see if it would feed reliably in my P-89, but....

...alas the range is only open to those who bought multi-month memberships before they stopped selling them. 

I spoke to the owner who said that he'd never seen anything like this.He said that unlike a few years ago getting the ammo in stock, while slow, is fairly straightforward. It just blows off the shelves when it comes in.

 I have ammo, enough for a range day or two and frankly if I have to run through more bullets than I have there will be an entry in Wikipedia about my demise, but, as Tam points out, I did not do due diligence. My grasshopper-fu was weak.

I DID however, finally get .38 snap-caps. I don't know why those were so hard to find last year. 

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1 A P-89? Wow, it sure fits perfectly. 1. Anime gun from Cowboy Bebop 2. Heavy, steel frame 3. Ruger, inexpensive
I think Coasties had P226 back in the day but those are expensive, and the only anime they appear in is Monster.
BTW, I'm still draining my stores from before the WuFlu. My daughter visited around Memorial Day and we went to a new local range that just opened. It didn't look like anything unusual, except it was very new and clean. I forgot to take a notice of ammo availability.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Fri Jul 10 09:03:00 2020 (LZ7Bg)

2 I used to have a P-85 that would feed anything. There was a local reloader who sold some goofy-looking full wadcutters, and he wouldn't even sell them to you unless you had a P-85.


Posted by: J Greely at Fri Jul 10 20:55:26 2020 (ZlYZd)

3 Reloading components are also in short supply. I'm having a devil of a time getting primers. Midway just got some Large Pistol Primers in stock, so I ordered a brick, because I don't have any for reloading 45 Colt. And now they finally got my preferred 9mm bullets in stock, but their free shipping offer ended last week, and it's $15 just to ship that much lead. (So about $100 to buy 1000 bullets)(That's just the bullet, not the whole cartridge). Downside, I've got less than 100 small pistol primers, and they've been out of stock for months.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Jul 12 20:02:12 2020 (Ix1l6)

4 Brownells has S&B .380 in stock.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Aug 4 12:39:02 2020 (LZ7Bg)

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