December 21, 2008

Momentary Memephilia

All the cool kids are doing it....

• What anime are you watching now?
Bleach, Lucky Star

• What is your favourite time to watch?
The middle of the night.

• And your favorite place?
Within line of sight of the monitor (duh!)

• Who is your favourite auteur?
Satoshi Kohn

• Your favourite OST?
3 actually, Space Cruiser Yamato, Grendaizer, Ghost in the Shell

• What is the most difficult anime you’ve ever watched?
Serial Experiments Lain...but it was worth it

• What was the first anime you remember watching?
Marine Boy or Speed Racer in '74

• Do you have a comfort show that you re-watch?
I watch Arivadercci Yamato every Christmas. I also re-watch select episodes Starblazers, Mazinger series robot shows and VanDread from time to time.

• What is the most erotic anime you’ve watched?
As an American I am protected by the 5th amendment to the United States Constitution...

• Which classic should you have watched?

• Which series did you never want to end?
Bleach....despite its Shonen Jump tropes, the characters are superbly realized and the story is engaging.

• What is your most overrated anime?
Neon Genesis Evangelion

• Which character could you have an affair with?
LOL whut?

• Who is your favourite character?
Ichigo from Bleach...closely followed by Meia Gisbourne from VanDread

Other runners up that spring to mind immediately..
Vash from Trigun
Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke

• Which character do you most dislike?
Probably Shinji from Evangelion

• Which character do you identify with most?
Linna Inverse from Slayers....which is probably a sign of deep seated emotional problems.

• Which anime changed your life?

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1 Does the 5th Amendment protect you from naming the select episodes of StarBlazers that you watch?

Posted by: Bill at Mon Dec 22 16:51:29 2008 (mUl8k)

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