November 26, 2013

Mobys, Hustlers and their Consequences

The Anchoress has thoughts on the despicable scam that was perpetrated recently in New Jersey by a waitress who used a receipt with a faked anti-gay slur to bilk facebook users of money and the "Racist Red Lobster" scandal which involved a waitress who pulled a similar scam involving a racial slur...and posted the customers name on Facebook.

Shorter version: don't leave cash tips.

I do it a lot, because, well, I used to bus and wait tables so I know this works better for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is paying the bussers, but it's probably not a good idea any more.

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1 You can leave a cash tip if you write -0- in the tip line and re-write the pre-tip subtotal in the total line.  That's what I always did before I got too lazy to carry cash. (although I did it to avoid having a large tip fraudulently added, not to avoid being pilloried as racist or whatever.)

Posted by: RickC at Thu Nov 28 03:33:09 2013 (swpgw)

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