April 03, 2022

MISS KUROITSU (from the Monster Development Department) Ends

This damned show....
The very first episode of this odd sitcom made me laugh.
That thus set an expectation that I'd continue to review it which required I watch more of it. The next few episodes, were, to my surprise, rather above average.
Give the regularity these days with which shows of ANY type fall apart and become dumpster fires, I procrastinated a bit, but ultimately girded my loins and sat down to watch the rest in anticipation of the inevitable disappointment. 

In this, I suppose, I was, dissapointed with my predictive skills which was a win for me because, while the show flirted with falling apart for a bit, it held together nicely, even through the cringey "I have no voice box but I must sing" episode...which worked fine. There were no bad episodes (dumb ones yes, but they were still funny). And the whole thing surprised me by not just avoiding a 'faceplant', but actually coming together quite well at the end. 

Part of it's appeal is that is generally a high energy show as can be deduced from these ending credits...(or opening, they couldn't make up their mind, but this was usually the ending)

The show follows one, well, Miss Kuroitsu, who works in (you might be surprised to learn) the Monster Development Department of a major corporation that is secretly a front for a group trying to take over the world, the executive staff looking like rouges gallery of every Super Sentai and Go Nagai series ever made. 

It is a bone crushingly dumb premise that remains surprisingly consistent throughout its run. This show has a lot to say about work ethic, personnel management, corporate governance and the inevitable  problems and pitfalls that even the most well run bureaucracies face. (No. I'm not making this up!) I joked once before that it should be required watching at business schools, but this really does express how corporate screw-ups happen with far more pithiness than any post-fiasco white paper.  

And I laughed...out loud...at least once at every stupid episode. 

Its appeal is not just in the high energy and the show's wackiness, but it has a weird sort of sincerity that I do not see in most any pop-culture projects that are produced in this cynical age. The characters are all....odd...I won't pretend they are believable, but they are likable, internally consistent, and the protagonists all have standards!

Hollywood should take note, there is a perfectly fine trans character as well as implied gayness...and those individuals do not feel like fake, preachy, artificially shoe-horned-in virtue-signals, but as actual relatable human bei..uh...sapient individuals who make perfect sense in the context of this silly tale. 

MISS KUROITSU (from the Monster Development Department) Is 12 episodes with what appears to be a limited animation budget and is, frankly,  a dumb, dumb, show, but it is also superbly written and is about the most enjoyable thing I've watched in two years. 

I recommend it highly. 

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1 The oddest thing about it to me was the parade of cameos by apparent real life local Heroes. (I assume they are cosplay groups, but who knows, we had a Costumed Hero of questionable value in the Seattle area for a while.)

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Apr 4 01:12:20 2022 (gVjvf)

2  I'm pretty sure some of the cameo heroes are representatives of the local chambers of commerce, who do promotions and such for local businesses and festivals. Some are representatives or community engagement people for local public safety offices. I think at least one of them was, as you speculated, actually a cosplay circle that also does local ads like the aforementioned chamber of commerce people. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Apr 4 06:46:33 2022 (5iiQK)

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