January 23, 2021

Meanwhile In Colombia


What is this now?

Hippopotamuses are not even FROM South America.  

Escobar's been dead for 30 years. 

Well, it turns out that the late and not very lamented drug lord Pablo Escobar, had a private zoo and when he was forcibly retired and sent to vacation in hell, his hippopotamuses escaped. 

The article rightly makes a big deal of the fact that Hippos are dreadfully disruptive of the environment, not the least because their excrements are quite poisonous to the local wildlife (and people) . 

However, the article fails to mention that these beasts are a direct danger to the populace. Hippos are dreadfully territorial and vicious in a way that just doesn't happen with any herbivore in this hemisphere.  

Thankfully not pictured, the poor man's dismemberment, as reported here

Hippos are superficially cute but they are vicious, aggressive, territorial, killers that would render vast swaths of recreational areas too dangerous to visit, and if they get into the back country the monsters will be a tragic 'out of context problem' for the poor farmers and aboriginal tribes that exist in an on the rivers of South America. We've already seen in places like Florida that fairly large fauna can become endemic. These are worse than any monitor lizard, monkey, or murder hornet. I rather suspect that The Amazon and Orinoco basins are good hippopotamus habitat, and that will be tragic for the local flora, fauna, and citizenry if this invasive species is not dealt with. The goal has to be extinction and not management. 

 At least they'll be easier to find and cull than cane toads or kudzu. 

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1 Suddenly the hippo in Hitman 2 makes much more sense.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Sat Jan 23 20:02:30 2021 (v29Tn)

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