January 23, 2022

Meanwhile, On Airstrip One

I don't buy into the argument (put forth by people like Tim Pool) that anyone who does not put their livelihoods at risk by shouting unpopular truths or not complying with annoying laws and regulations is the equivalent to a concentration camp guard. People need to eat, and take care of their kids. But this fellow in the U.K. has seen where things are headed. The U.K is only a few years ahead of us in these matters and it's not a pretty place. Something has to be done to turn this preference cascade around.

Looking at his channel, I don't necessarily agree with all of this professor's views, and I suspect I might loathe some of them, but this video is spot on.

In what is surely completely unrelated news.

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1 Woke is /not/ a preference cascade.  It is the counterfeit appearance of a preference cascade, maybe. 

Preference cascades are largely a result of preference falsification.  There has not been preference falsification forcing people to adopt the appearance of conservative views that they believe incorrect.    Except maybe among for profit activists for 'conservative' causes. 

The go along to get alongs may have shifted from mimicking conservative views to mimicking extreme woke views, but they have always been that way, and never had any core values but sucking up to power and to consensus. 

There is clearly a lot of calculated and deliberate information games going  on now.  With a lot of money or concentrated support behind it.  This means nothing about what actual popular unpanicked positions would be. 

We know nothing about preference cascade occurrence until after the mind games collapse, and the truth can be put together. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sun Jan 23 18:29:12 2022 (r9O5h)

2 Actually, I think "woke" IS a preference cascade, but one of the upper-middle-class. Thing is they have the power, the platforms and the ability to coerce. A lot of preference cascades are people, particularly people in the upper-middle-classes / minor nobility trying to fit in, not get ostracized, rather than any conscious decisions.
I think there is a strong backlash simmering, but if the powers that be that wield the coercion are immune to reprisal, there is little to be hope for thurning it around as it is above all else an affectation that confers a sense of status. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Jan 25 18:39:19 2022 (5iiQK)

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