July 29, 2015

Meanwhile, In Outer Space

One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes brings us news from the International Space Station, where...


OK. She seems busy at the moment.

While we wait for them to get things situated, here are some more links referencing this story.  

Note that they mean the outside of the windows...on the Space Station.

It seems that the organisms are terrestrial marine plankton. though how they got up there is unclear. My initial guess would be cross contamination from 0-G plankton experiments, but the C-Net article suggests air currents or the possibility that the plankton originated from Florida where much of the station was launched from (though that would mean the plankton had survived a rather long time).

Of course all of this is dancing around the fact that there is living greenery on the outside of the space station and we all KNOW what that means

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1 All sorts of interesting questions here:

Were the plankton actually *actively* alive on the exterior windows (implying that somehow they had a liquid medium to operate in), or were they only dormant and able to be reconstituted? Were they trapped in some sort of interstice where water remained liquid, or were they vacuum-dried?

Posted by: EccentricOrbit at Sun Aug 2 14:11:51 2015 (GtPd7)

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