November 28, 2020

Meanwhile, in Jutland

So, a very dangerous mutated strain of CoronaChan emerged in Danish mink farms a bit over a week ago. The Danish government ordered the culling of all the minks in the country. Rather than incinerate them, the buried the dead minks in a cemetery resulting the following, genuine 2020 headline...

The story is somewhat vague on certain crucial details. Are they ambulatory dead minks?  Or just dead minks that floated up like corpses in a New Orleans graveyard?

I assume the latter, but it is 2020, it doesn't specifically SAY that the dead minks aren't walking, and the calls for calm are coming from some spokesperson at The Guardian.

Remember that .22 long rifle is probably the best round to have in a zombie apocalypse, the ammunition is as available as anything else is right now, is relatively cheap, and is very light and compact in comparison to other types of ammunition. 1000 rounds only weigh in at 8 pounds with 10 plastic ammo cases. .22 lacks in stopping power, but is still lethal and capable of bringing down animals one is likely to be able to realistically dress and eat on the run, like birds and squirrels. With zombies, shot placement (brain) rather than conventional stopping power is the key. 

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