April 03, 2022

Meanwhile: In Brickmuppetburg

Yeah, there is some quick banality below the fold. If that's not your speed, we do have this useful recognition chart. 

In the last thrilling episode of BLOGGER WITH PROTAGONIST SYNDROME we learned that our hero's stroke-related medical bills had finally all been paid off, but that his work hours had been cut to less than an hour a day.

BOTH of these things were untrue!

Yet another bill arrived Tuesday.

And hours at work have gone way, way up.

After the two weeks of practically zero income the latter is most welcome despite the fairly high  workload. The former was a small bill, so the intense fear and despair it engendered before opening it was hardly justified. 

Organizing my canned goods I discovered a large number of things that expired in...um...2008, one of which had exploded and caused a nightmare of cupboard hazmat cleaning.

I now have a clean, in-date cupboard and about 90 days worth of canned meat and veggies, plus two of those 30 day buckets of dried food I bought when they were 50 bucks as opposed to $249.

I'm also employed. So I'm doing better than a lot of people.

I realized rather belatedly that my official return to work date as per the neurologist was March 15th. I'm still having a few speech and balance issues and I have to conciously think through most motions. However, I can now autonomously run short distances and having been at work since November 5th, I'm pretty pleased with myself. 
Friday was the big TWITCH debut....well, it was actually just a systems test.

How I anticipated it going

April first turned out to be a good date for it, as my PNG rigging did not link up right, I managed to send out  a brief broadcast of my actual face (which, being made for radio, probably traumatized the one person who my analytics said was viewing). Steam was having an issue and could not link up and, most importantly, my microphone died. After about 10 minutes of flailing and producing the purest, most scuffed cringe ever, I raided another V-tuber and called it a day.

How it went.

 I've set the next broadcast TENTATIVELY for the 15th, which should give my new microphone and headset time to arrive and get the software/rigging bugs worked out.

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1 Semi-related: Has anyone seen or heard from Ubu since his last post nearly a year ago?

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Apr 4 01:06:52 2022 (gVjvf)

2 He commented here in August, and I recall seeing him occasionally in comments elsewhere since then.

Posted by: Don at Tue Apr 5 10:35:55 2022 (fvP4F)

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