August 03, 2021


Perusing the news, it seems that that the only news happening in the world is that there's this disease called COVID-19 and there are disagreements about masks.

That's it. 

However,  some digging revealed a few things:

China and India are backing down from their staring match on the roof of the world...which frees up an AWFUL lot of Chicom troops for something...

...But he U.K. and China are not at war yet. 

...and China and the Cuban gov't are getting along swimmingly

Meanwhile, regarding the COVID thing: Australia is getting back to its historical roots. (Reminder: Australia started out as a prison colony.)

We actually have some-on-the-scene-perspective from One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Super Secret Sources in Sydney.

So, to clarify a bit:

Our government, which collectively has an IQ in the low single digits, thought it 
would be a good idea to use the army to assist in contact tracing.

Which sends the worst possible signal to anyone skeptical about the lockdown
in the first place.  Not an enforcement issue, but still abject idiocy.

That still leaves the police fining people for being outside without an Outside License,
and arresting protesters for not going along with the insanity.

Taipans, Funnel Spiders, Yowies and Fascists. Good grief. Australia has a random encounter table like Skull Island. 

Meanwhile, in space:

I am told that there is neither a chicken shortage or inflation

Lastly, there is another story running around the internet that involves the words "Chris" and "Chan".

This 8 second clip is all I'll say on that. 

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