March 03, 2019

March 3 2028: The Dark Times our surprise, came not from barbarian hoards attacking, economic collapse, rival powers, who, sensing weakness, suddenly made their move or associated nuclear hellfire.

The Dark Times came when those in power not only decided that those who disagreed with them should be silenced, but when they realized that having everything from banking to banter dependent upon electronic processes controlled, by them, their friends or those they had power over, made it possible to do the silencing.

The Dark Times came when speech became so policed and polite it could no longer express any but the most anodyne thoughts and when people could not make a living without keeping a false facade firmly in place. The Dark Times came when mere words were so feared that conversations became impossible. When conversations could no longer happen the only way to address grievances was through violence. When violence became the medium of communication, the wisest of the fools found that they longed for the days when they had been called "c**t" or "cuck" or"xian" or "facist". You see, mere words turned out to hurt far less than rocks, bullets, molotov cocktails, and all the other things unleashed in the moments that we fell upon ourselves, and, surprisingly, those hurt less than the soul crushing terror that we might say something honest when we did not. 

The Dark Times were when we were forced to stop talking, because a bunch of self appointed aristocrats fancied themselves to be gods.

All that other stuff was just facilitated by the chaos unleashed by the actions of the speech police.

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1 Yeah, the financial industry is just begging to be regulated and/or sued here.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sun Mar 3 04:33:28 2019 (PiXy!)

2 Yeah, apparently Project Veritas just came out with another video from a former Facebook insider (disclosure: she was fired after talking to O'Keefe and ultimately went to work for Project Veritas) who sheds some light on alleged activity reminiscent of Twitter's shadow banning that, surprise, surprise, is targeting conservatives. You can find the video here: Project Veritas Video

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sun Mar 3 22:52:11 2019 (bz2EX)

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