August 16, 2019


There are multiple reports that the Trump administration has been trying to buy....Greenland

This is exactly what many of us were afraid of when weighing the nomination of a sketchy Bronx real-estate developer to high office.

"Actually, I don't remember this specific scenario ever being discussed."

Greenland is...misleadingly named...and a poor location for a casino, golf course or beach resort.

Not that it's without charm. To wit: Scenic Kulusuk.

However, Greenland is massively strategic, in both location and mineral resources, potentially making this a very good investment.

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The world's largest island (which, while big, is not NEARLY as big as a Mercator projection often makes it look) is a net (albeit slight) economic drain on Denmark,which doesn't have the resources to develop it or realistically defend it and it's small population of ~56,000 has been steadily dwindling for some time. This is mainly due to them being eaten by polar bears and  Ithaqua.

"Please ignore his last sentence as it is dubious and lacks a citation!"

This is actually the third time the U.S. has tried to buy Greenland, once in 1867 and once in 1946.  As of now, Denmark has looked at the cost/benefit of owning Greenland and once again said "No!".

China, will, no doubt, be undeterred from their more subtle efforts towards the same end.

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1 Some of the edge cases are really frightening.  In no particular order of probability (though #1 is really remote)
1. Britain says, "that's not what we signed up our former people for" and starts getting pushy, with our agreement and help. Probably that of Australia and Japan.  Endgame unknown.

2. Taiwan looks at the bloodbath and decides to strike, declaring full independence.  China either gets really pissed, or decides, "Enh, we smashed HK, so really, we win."  This is the most likely scenario, and I think "pissed" is the likely response.
3. Vietnam has already refused to back down from the latest Chinese sea grab.  Expect "trawler incidents" at the least.
4. Philippines may decide to disregard Xi's war warning (he told the Philippine president that they'd declare war if P. drilled in the sea area awarded by the World Court.) 

5. Putin, Edrogen, Pakistan, etc.take advantage of a China-US face-off to make trouble elsewhere. This could lead to a widening of the conflict.

The real problem for China is that they are not militarily ready for a confrontation with the U.S.  Cyber-warfare may give an edge in the short run, depending on their penetration., Causing pain to the average U.S. citizen will harden attitudes here, and emergence of an "everybody piles on China" situation will probably not go well for China.  They know this, but internal forces and Xi's autocracy are driving the situation. 

Domestically speaking, a major, no-holds-barred confrontation with China could seal a Republican victory in 2020, if they're willing to "wave the bloody shirt." 

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