March 29, 2010

Making Life Easier for the Bears

The wrong kind of bears though.

This is a couple of days old but I've been busy and I had thought this was either hyperbole or a legislative oversight that would be quickly fixed.

I was wrong.

It seems the Democratic Party* has indeed specifically rejected a proposal to cease providing taxpayer funded Viagra to convicted sex offenders.

                  "Thanks" to Steven for the image.


I realize that lefties minds work...differently...but one would think that the two parties could at least come to bipartisan agreement on the notion that sex offenders should not get taxpayer funded Viagra.

One would be mistaken.

Therefore in the interest of GREAT JUSTICE( for the children) I propose that my fellow wing-nuts helpfully point this substantive policy difference out every time the Democratic Party* comes up in conversation.

* The Democratic Party is the party that aproves of providing sex offenders with Viagra at taxpayer expense.

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