November 08, 2018

Look. I'm All for "Owning the Libs"...

But when an 85 year old woman trips, falls and breaks a bunch of ribs, one does not mock her exercise routine or make jokes about her injuries or otherwise gloat. 

Whatever philosophical differences we might have with Justice Ginsburg, regarding her current condition Brickmuppet Blog offers thoughts prayers and sincerest hopes for a speedy recovery. 
That being said, making fun of the dunderheads who offered to donate their ribs is perfectly acceptable.

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1 Is it okay to joke that she got between Jim Acosta and a Microphone?

Posted by: Mauser at Thu Nov 8 22:21:07 2018 (Ix1l6)


The most depressing thing about the entire culture is that we may have no choice but to turn into the things we hate - i.e. the progressive movement.  Because the mean and nasty methods they are using are the only ways to communicate with them in a way they understand.

I do not like it, and it is a culture and society that is in trouble if it has to revert to that stage, rather than progressing upward from the stage.  But right now, we have a side that simply does not care to understand messages in any other fashion.  Being nice and courteous and well-mannered is regarded as a sign of weakness and worthy of contempt by these folks, just another encouragement for renewed attack.

I personally think Ace of Spades has gone full-on Trumpkins in a way that cloud their judgment and good sense, but I think they might be correct in that we have to go the dark route.  Which is sad and depressing, since we still have to interact with other people, but the world might been reaching the tipping point for that.

Posted by: cxt217 at Thu Nov 8 22:51:33 2018 (LMsTt)

3 Maybe Trump's lasting legacy was a demonstration that losing honorably was a false objective. 

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sat Nov 10 14:40:12 2018 (JxjnE)

4 "Maybe Trump's lasting legacy was a demonstration that losing honorably was a false objective."
Sadly I came to that conclusion in the wake of McCain's loss.  This lesson was reinforced in spades with Romney's candidacy as Romney would have been a good leader in a consensus and bridge building environment.  He was just the wrong man for the times.
I understand why many dislike Trump's aggressiveness and tactlessness.  Unfortunately what these people often don't get is that this is what is needed in the political trench warfare that's been fought since the 60s, particularly since the Socialists seized the cultural high ground over the last couple of decades.  
Losing with dignity will no longer cut it.  Especially since history shows what Socialists do even to their no longer convenient allies, much less what they do to their opponents.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Sat Nov 10 22:02:27 2018 (Q7Wqc)


Especially since history shows what Socialists do even to their no longer convenient allies, much less what they do to their opponents.

I always shake my head when I see the young(er) boys and girls today believing themselves as part of the People's Vanguards, members of the force that will reshape the world starting with the US and make it into a better, progressive place.  The exact scenario, down to a 'T,' has unfolded before.  The secondary and college students, the idealistic young, who joined Mao's Red Guards believed that, just as they believed the destruction they were causing in the Cultural Revolution would bring about a better, progressive world.

Some of them still believed it right up to the moment Mao ordered the People's Liberation Army to machinegun them into ditches.  The rest who avoided summary executions or labor camps, found they had completely wasted almost a decade of their lives, never realizing that they would be discarded when they no longer conveniently served a purpose.

The only question is the manner in which the Millenials will be disposed of, when their usefulness comes to an end.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sun Nov 11 19:12:44 2018 (LMsTt)

6 Exactly, cxt217.  Antifa would be well advised to study the Night of Long Knives, especially who the sacrificial victims were, and role they played in bringing their 'friends' to power.  Of course, that might take the Antifa types out of their Safe Space given the similarities to their current activities.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Nov 12 11:57:08 2018 (Q7Wqc)

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