May 24, 2017

Links of Note

Over at Dot Clue,  in the righthand margin, J. Greely has compiled archives of and posted links to all three of the blogs of the late Steven DenBeste. who was a remarkably influential voice in the early years of the "blogosphee".

The U.S.S. Clueless archives in particular are an invaluable resource for those wanting to understand right leaning thought in the very early 21st century. Those posts also possess insights that are still prescient.

The Chizumatic archives are mostly fluff, but entertaining and thought provoking in their own way.

Steven is still sorely missed. Both  J.Greely and Pixy Misa deserve a heartfelt thanks for preserving and hosting these bits of web history, as does Steven's family for making them available. 

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1 I'm glad his stuff was able to be preserved. Ages ago I downloaded a .zip archive of Chizumatic, although I understand it was actually incomplete. And I've been meaning to go through it.

They say everything you do on the internet gets saved forever, but that's not true. It takes effort, and I'm glad people put that effort in.

(That said, I never did hear what exactly happened to Steven. I imagine it was probably another stroke, but not knowing, we can instead assume he was caught in the crossfire as the beavers launched a violent revolution in defense of their dam. That sounds better.)

Posted by: Mauser at Wed May 24 22:09:57 2017 (m1WSx)

2 The primary problem in the ZIP archive was that some articles were truncated by the export tool Steven used. I went through multiple exports from the Internet Archive to get all of USS Clueless reassembled with the material provided by Steven's brother, and massaged the links so that it all connected together. At some point, I hope that we can persuade his brother to allow us to take over the domain registration, so that everyone's old links will start working again.

I haven't gotten around to turning on the old top-image rotation for Chizumatic, though; I have the images, I just need to sort through them to find ones that fit that version of the site banner.

As for Steven's death, I like to believe that the Catians left a decoy body behind when they spirited him away as part of a breeding program to produce engineer-proof catgirls.


Posted by: J Greely at Thu May 25 01:29:14 2017 (tgyIO)

3 I thought Pixy (or someone) said Steven's family was going to ship him the hard drives the site was hosted on?

Posted by: Rick C at Thu May 25 18:38:40 2017 (ITnFO)

4 Long story. Short version: "no".


Posted by: J Greely at Thu May 25 18:48:17 2017 (JkjJR)

5 I've been afflicted by death & illness of those I love, this past year.  
I miss SDB so.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sun May 28 21:04:01 2017 (ug1Mc)

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