April 04, 2022

Last Gasp?

An interesting disquisition by Peter Zeihan on what's happening in Russia, what Russia's motivations are, and what their endgame is.

I don't speak Russian and Russian translations are hard to come by, so I have no idea how accurate his analysis or long term prediction of "No Russia in the future" is.  I'm skeptical to say the least. Russia has bounced back from a LOT. However Russia faces bigger problems than people suppose....as does the world...Go to 11:09 for the answer to the question "How does this affect us?" 

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1 There is a very big reason why Russia is invading and it is one nobody is really talking about, least of all the US/EU elites who don't want any of us looking too closely at it.

As is well known by now, Russia is a petro-state whose economy is basically their oil and natural gas exports, primarily to Europe. The Russians were hurt hard by the drop in Natural Gas prices caused by the fracking revolution, adn they never want to see that again, and will go to extreme lengths to prevent it.

Now wind the clock back about 10-12 years. 3 new, massive, and completely untapped natural gas deposits came to light (though likely known about from the Soviet era). We're talking 3 Bakken-level deposits that are completely untapped. Where might these magical deposits be? One is at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains near the Poland border of Ukraine, a second is off the shore of the Crimea, and the third stretches from the Donbas past Kharkiv into Belarus. If any of these fields comes online, all the pipeline infrastructure that currently passes Russian gas through Ukraine will carry Ukrainan gas instead and Russia's economy does a replay of the post-Soviet era. That is why Putin is doing this.

As for our own elites? I'll point out that they were heavily involved in the 2004 overthrow of Putin's puppet in Ukraine and placing their own puppet in power. Putin's invasion of Crimea and Donbas put the kibosh on Billions of petro-grift dollars falling into their pockets, which explains a lot about why he became so hated by them. And finally, ask yourself just what kind of financing deals Hunter Biden was involved in where so many millions would flow to him in a relatively poor country like the Ukraine.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Apr 4 17:19:32 2022 (j/uDM)

2 Sane people invest in their neighboring country, possibly through shell companies.
Insane people invade their neighboring country.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue Apr 5 07:52:25 2022 (sF8WE)

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