February 21, 2012

It's Like...If You Got Hollywood to Invent A Republican.

"Oh Fahrvergnügen!... You're Blogging about POLITICS again aren't you!?"

Well, yes..Ummm......how about we just quietly put this under the fold then?


I'm still far behind on everything.
One post I've been meaning to write is one on why Santorum is my least favorite of all this silly seasons Republican candidates (narrowly edging out Bachman...an impressive accomplishment)

Fortunately for my time management, ACE has written that post.

Shorter version: All the wild assed crazy that has been said about other conservatives...well...a lot of them are true about Santorum. He is not just a Whig rather than a Libertarian, he is actively contemptuous of liberty. 

The thing is, he fell so far off the radar after his crushing defeat, that lots of people, particularly the recently engaged Tea Party types don't know about his record. The left has cried wolf on this sort of thing so often that they are ignored. The media, particularly after the horrifically vile and dishonest hack-job they did on Palin, is so discredited with conservatives that their cries of alarm are disregarded if not taken as praise of the candidate. The establishment talking heads are so far in the tank for the Romneytron 6000 that many understandably no longer listen to what they say.

Santorum is a personally likable fellow. He is sincere in his beliefs and has persevered admirably in this campaign. He is also the very model of a big government politician. He is, historically, much closer to William Jennings Bryan than Reagan or Goldwater. He differs from todays progressives mainly in WHAT he wants to control.

And yet he is on a roll...

This is in part because people are so tired of being lied to and talked down to by sneering jackasses who have nothing but contempt for all of us...fail to realize that those jackasses are having their broken-clock moment right now.

The worst part?....Santorum would still be a step up.

...and that bothers me more than anything.

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1 Yeah, a big government social conservative is better than a nanny-state near-socialist, in the way that mud with whipped cream tastes better than just mud.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Feb 21 20:12:13 2012 (PiXy!)


I'm not particularly concerned about this. The phrase "the pursuit of happiness" comes from the Declaration of Independence.

And the only legal significance of the Declaration is that it represents the point where we ceased to be part of the British Empire. Aside from that, legally speaking, nothing in the Declaration of Independence matters.

That phrase never appears in the Constitution, or in the Bill of Rights, or in any other Amendment. So what Santorum thinks it means doesn't really make any difference.

Right now I see Santorum as the least of the evils. He certainly didn't foist an early version of Obamacare on any state, so even if he's a big-government conservative he ain't as big-government as Romney. And he sure as hell isn't as big as Obama the socialist.

It is the nature of our system that we never get exactly the candidates we want. The only time I've ever been wholeheartedly happy to cast a vote for President was when I voted for Gerry Ford -- and he lost.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Tue Feb 21 20:19:56 2012 (+rSRq)

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