September 25, 2011

It Was Not Even Close!

UPDATE: As this is a political post, it has now descended below he fold.

Note that the .gif is actually somewhat related.

                               Rick Perry/ Morgan Freeman Hardest Hit

Cain just became something more than one of the darlings of the Tea Party. He is now a contender.  Wiegel explains. (Via)

...Why is Cain's win so impressive? This wasn't a vote a campaign could overwhelm with its own supporters. To win the Ames straw poll, you need to buy $35 tickets for as many Iowans as possible. Here, delegates were selected in counties, and had to pay $175 to attend the weekend's events....

It wasn't close. The Hermanator collected as many votes as the next two runners up combined (and they are the "front runners").

He is still a very long shot, but despite his lack of elected office experience Cain is a formidable candidate with a very impressive resume He's got plenty of executive experience saving Burger King and Godfathers, running the National Restaurant Association, the Kansas city branch of the federal reserve and his bio is like something out of a Horatio Alger novel.

As the favorite Southern candidate and favorite candidate of the Tea Party he'd present a special conundrum to the race baiters on the left. He'd LIVE "inside their six" rent free until they self immolated from cognitive dissonance. This guy could be Obama's worst nightmare.

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1 Meh.  When I think of "CEO presidents", two names come up, Hoover and George W. Bush.  To expand a little further, Bloomsberg in NYC.  CEO doesn't seem to be a particularly reliable prep school for executive office - the usual PolySci argument is that successful CEOs tend to work in an absolutist hierarchical environment, and thus aren't well prepared for the back-and-forth of dealing with the trinity of press, legislature, and the executive departments.

But in a choice between Romney and Cain, I'll go with Cain.  I'd prefer a frankenstein's monster amalgam of Gingrich's loquacity, Perry's executive experience, and Cain's Tea Party instincts, but I'm told that chimaeras aren't eligible to stand for federal office.


Posted by: Mitch H. at Mon Sep 26 16:53:28 2011 (jwKxK)

2 Constitutionally, as long as they were born in the US and are sentient and 35 years old, chimeras can run.


I do share some of your concerns.
However, executive experience is a plus, as is an understanding of how the regulatory and tax policies affect business.

If he were just a random CEO like Perot or something, I'd be even more squeamish, but he chaired the National Resturaunt Association and was on the board of directors of one of the Federal Reserve banks, so he does have some experience in horse trading. Much would rest on how he filled out his cabinet, ie: if he seeks yes men or idea men. He has said he wants Gingrich in some capacity. Gingrich is an idea man to a fault, so that bodes rather well.

Part of our problem is a permanent political class. Someone like Cain is much more in keeping with the theory of the republic. How well that theory can hold up today and how well Cain would translate into practice are the questions of the moment.In any event he is quite unlikely to represent a step down at this point.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Sep 26 19:02:46 2011 (EJaOX)

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