August 18, 2018

Internet Search Hazards

I went perusing MMD videos and was surprised at how....risque they were all of a sudden. In particular there was a whole series of quite lovingly rendered videos involving zaftig young ladies dancing while clad only in stockings, pasties and...radar arrays.

Anyway, I gather that when I logged into my G-mail account, and then opened up You Tube in another tab, I was automatically logged into my You Tube account. 

This grants access to R-18 videos.

This in turn means that the Googleplex now knows that I spent about 20 minutes perusing dancing shipgirls in thongs.

This has implications.

1: Amazon is likely going to send me creepy books on marlinspike.

2: They'll be able to blackmail me with this, thus compromising my integrity as a blogger if I cling to any pretentions of respectability.  So...

Ladies and Gentlemen: I recently spent 20 minutes looking at dancing shipgirls in thongs on You Tube.

3: I can never get married now. 

God, I hate Google. 

UPDATE: No doubt for scholarly reasons, a request was made in the comments for examples of the aforementioned visual media. 

I will not embed these but this link is representative. This one has less elaborate antenna arrays, making due with rabbit ears, but is more impressive from an animation perspective, and this one has (on its margins) something to offer to any remaining female readers I might have. 

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1 And you don't provide your devoted readers with a link to a single such video?  For shame!

Posted by: David at Sat Aug 18 03:00:43 2018 (JMkaQ)

2 Yeah, they changed the Google / YouTube account linkage thing recently.  This was good for me because I've been banned from YouTube since 2010 for uploading anime ops and eds, and now it's finally forgotten that old account and associated directly with my Gmail.

Of course, if I get banned again that will take my Gmail account with it, so there's that to consider...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Aug 18 08:59:03 2018 (PiXy!)

3 Thank you for a productive scholarly research session...

Posted by: Siergen at Tue Aug 21 20:15:51 2018 (KNzJG)

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