August 03, 2020

In Today's Thrilling Episode of "2020"

"Truly this is an example of a 2020 headline, but I'm even less concerned about this than the murder hornets."

Scientists in Japan have revived 100 million year old bacteria from Mesozoic mud deep the beneath the seafloor. 

"Wait. I've...seen this movie."

Meanwhile, Scientists in Denmark have discovered an ancient ancestor to the bubonic plague that;
1: was  apparently not spread by fleas and...
2: is believed to have wiped out much of neolithic civilization in what may have been the first pandemic. 
3: they've procured viable cultures from the teeth of victims, because, really, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

"Are you frickking kidding me!?"

On the bright side, it appears that no one from the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in any way. 

Art is by 23 who is currently pushing his doujin, titled, I think, "Battling Nazi Monsters"

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