January 23, 2017


I'm passing blood, feverish, BP is 234 over 130something. They are discussing an ambulance to the big hospital. 

If no updates follow, thanks for years of readership.

2 x 5mm kidney stones and a probable kidney infection. One of the stones hasn't moved much since it made it's presence known during my bout of flu. I'm wiped. It's hard to make it up the stairs.

The blood pressure was alarming, however, it plummeted to something rather less so shortly after they they hit me up with Torodol. Aparrently the pain was causing the BP spike.

I need to make an appointment with a urologist to see if these two stones can be reasonably expected to get passed, but I wasted the day getting the first sleep of more than a few minutes I've gotten in 3 days or so. 

Posting will resume shortly.

Thanks for all the kind words. 

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1 Prayers and best wishes.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Mon Jan 23 10:23:19 2017 (5YSpE)

2 You made it out of 2016, don't stop now! Fingers crossed...


Posted by: J Greely at Mon Jan 23 12:37:34 2017 (tgyIO)

3 Yikes!  Get better soon, man.

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 23 12:40:02 2017 (ECH2/)

4 None of those things are good, so you need to stop doing them. Praying.  And looking forward to the update on your condition from the hospital bed.

Posted by: Ben at Mon Jan 23 16:39:55 2017 (1uZgg)

5 Glad you're OK.  Also glad the Torodol helped.  My wife turned out to be allergic to that--it made her itch like she was on fire, so badly that she scratched herself raw in a bunch of places.

Posted by: RickC at Mon Jan 23 19:25:51 2017 (ITnFO)

6 Best wishes - hoping to hear better news soon.

Posted by: EdwardM at Mon Jan 23 19:30:59 2017 (jKvt+)

7 Yipes! Good thoughts for passing the stone. (Maybe they can hit it with some sound waves to make it smaller and easier to get rid of?)

Posted by: fillyjonk at Mon Jan 23 19:49:09 2017 (gf8bV)

8 Crikey! Glad you got some help!

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Mon Jan 23 21:14:42 2017 (S0Svy)

9 Great googly moogly, man.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Jan 23 21:33:20 2017 (UDOXQ)

10 If no updates follow, thanks for years of readership.

Those words gave me the chills when I first read them--they still do, even now when I know you're still with us.  I (for one) will be hoping and praying for you to get well again soon, and to stay in the Land of the Living for a good long time to come.

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Mon Jan 23 21:53:54 2017 (jS1F0)

11 I'm glad you're still with us, so I can point out that exactly one week ago you announced both your graduation and your retirement. Given The Luck Of The Brickmuppet, what were you thinking? :-)


Posted by: J Greely at Mon Jan 23 22:37:09 2017 (tgyIO)

12 Gah! Don't DO that! I just finished reading about a friend spending 8 days in a Toronto Hospital. Frigging blood clots, mild valve problem making clots. I swear to hear how he told it he waited a day and a half, some of it in the hallway, with what could have been a stroke.

And he says Canadian Health care is better....

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Jan 23 23:25:56 2017 (5Ktpu)


Whew!  Damn, man, don't scare us like that.

Posted by: ubu at Tue Jan 24 17:16:41 2017 (SlLGE)

14 Ow.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Jan 26 23:54:56 2017 (PiXy!)

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