July 19, 2017

I Must Admit, I Wasn't Expecting This

I wonder if, over the course of the next 86 days, we'll get any more of these.

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1 87 days?

Posted by: Rick C at Wed Jul 19 17:01:07 2017 (ECH2/)

2 I get 86 days, but I wasn't counting today. 
You see, there are 30 days in September, a month that was, until just now, astrologically obscured by this year's August eclipse.
It might also have been obscured by chronotatic distortion from the timey whiney wokeness signals triggered by The Doctor again regenerating as a honkey.
The point is that any errors that may or may not have been present in earlier versions of this post are not our fault.
That is our story.
And we are sticking to it. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Jul 19 20:47:02 2017 (KicmI)

3 86, 87, I'm the guy with the gun. I was, uh, commenting yesterday.

Posted by: Rick C at Wed Jul 19 23:37:53 2017 (ITnFO)

4 Do you watch Ruby Chibi while you're waiting?

Here's something interesting: the VAs for Ruby and Yang did a Q&A in character.

Posted by: muon at Tue Aug 8 06:46:51 2017 (vMYTH)

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