August 10, 2012

I deleted them...

It was supposed to just be a day trip in anticipation of going south today.

However, I missed a station and ended up way out towards ( but not readily accessible to) Nagoya. I schlepped about on trains, got off, hiked, had a grand old time while I got sunburned, got blood blisters on the bottoms of both feet the size of silver dollars, and re-injured my ankle, all of which would have been fine except that I deleted ALL my pictures and video from the camera.

Auugh...auugh I say.

Anyway, I turned around, got back on the train and went back to make good on at least some of the pics.

As expected, the herd of deer I'd filmed earlier did not return...and the lighting was bad on the return trip...still...

note the rocks holding down some of the roofs.

Note the paving of the river..I assume it is more erosion control than flood control.

Aside from loosing the pics it was a fairly successful and quite pleasant trip.
Much good food was had on the unexpectedly multiday trip and the AQA hotel chain is the bomb. I'm unsure what AQA stands for...I'm told by an unnamed source that its  Anatidaenian Quacktacular Awesomness, but I have my doubts. The hotel has a Japanese bath, free breakfast and full laundry facilities and is one of the cheapest places I've stayed in in Japan.  Also, the poached eggs were perfect.

The return trip was via bullet train to Omiya at which point it got circuitous again...this time almost on purpose, but that's another post.

In the meantime, I had so much fun I need to heal for a bit. This is a scientific indicator of a successful vacation.

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