March 15, 2020


On January 23 this post was put up noting the surreal situation in Wuhan. 3 days later it was apparent to even a Z-List-redneck-blogger that this was real and a disaster.

This was not an obscure, below the radar story either. On the same day this blog published a post consisting of no content other than 4 separate videos from TV channels and You-Tubers. ALSO on the 26th, the Bitchute channel CoronaChan, was set up to aggregate videos pertaining to the outbreak that were being censored by You-Tube and the media in general. . 

The very next day SFO was chiming in with a video containing footage from his time living in Wuhan and Vee (a doctor) was reporting on the situation and  predicting EXACTLY what is transpiring now in Italy.

On January 30th this was posted on 4-chan's /pol/ board. Ignoring the anti-semitic vermin trolling the thread's OP it lays out a bunch of very good guesses about what would transpire over the next two months.

This was not hard to see coming.

It was actually in the news. A bunch of mid-level you-tubers were on it like ugly on a moose ringing the church bell to get the word out.. HUNDREDS of videos many on site from Hubei were posted about it.  A frickking shiposter on /pol/ played Cassandra and laid out a prophecy two months in advance that proved to be every bit as accurate as Nostradamus wasn't.

 Hell, even your humble Z-list blogger saw this coming and advised all 4 people who drop in here to buy canned goods two months ago.

This was not hard to see coming. The cold equations of exponential growth and the reality of logistics leave few options and present difficult decisions, but there is one question that infuriates given the ample warning and coverage...

How is it that there are so many of the powers that be, and the media acting so surprised?

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1 Because too many people did not want to make the PRC get upset at them.

It is ironic that the only nation that truly anticipated and took near immediate actions regarding the Wuhan Flu, is the single biggest target of international ostracism by the PRC, to the point the PRC got Taiwan kicked-out of the WHO a few years ago.

Posted by: cxt217 at Sun Mar 15 23:17:10 2020 (LMsTt)

2 Getting a broken picture icon above the embedded picture, which is apparently actually a Twitter link.

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Mar 16 00:07:09 2020 (Ix1l6)

3 Wasn't there something else happening in January that had the complete focus of the media, congress, and much of the executive branch?  Even though it was a pure exercise in political theater and election year battlefield prep, not a matter of actual substance?  In a just world, the democrats and media (but I repeat myself) would be being raked over the coals for that right now.

Posted by: David at Mon Mar 16 04:05:54 2020 (UmjNG)

4 And thank you for the warning. I tend to be "have a couple weeks of at least a minimal diet on hand at all times" person but I gradually stocked up starting the first couple weeks of February. Decided to buy my 15-pack of TP for the year on the 29th of February, glad I did. Glad I have a crapton of books and fabric and knitting yarn and can just hunker down in my house.

I guess a national curfew is coming here, like it did to Italy and Spain, because the people who got begged to stay home either figured they were immune (because they're 21 and, apparently, planning on consuming mass quantities of alcohol) or because they've somehow been convinced this was a hoax.
My university will be finishing out the semester online. I hope I have a job, still, come fall but I fear that I won't. I don't know what the moonscape our society will become will look like after this. I am just praying my 83 year old mother (who is staying home as strictly as I am) stays safe, and that my uncles and their families stay safe.

Posted by: fillyjonk at Mon Mar 16 11:04:59 2020 (+MBAo)

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