October 03, 2018

Houston Shuts Down Robot Brothel

So...someone was opening a brothel in Houston, cleverly cutting down on payroll and getting around local vice laws by replacing their...er...customer service professionals with animatronic Tengas.

The city of Houston, belatedly realizing that there was no law on the books against robo-ho's, sprung into action and passed some updates to their zoning and vice laws.

 Houston is now safe from the shame of being at the forefront of the newest manifestation of the oldest profession. 

As someone with a functional amygdala  who understands that sex doll time shares are as close to objectively disgusting as something as subjective as disgusting can be...

...and perhaps problematic in other ways...

...let me say that this is why we need smaller, less intrusive government. I'm not completely opposed to zoning laws, but this is not a hog farm or an antimatter containment facillity in a downtown, it wasn't going to be oppressing anyone or depriving them of their rights. It was going to be a business making somebody money, making somebody happy and contributing to the tax base of the city to pay for things Houston might need like...flood control. But now, because someone couldn't stand that something they didn't like would be happening behind closed doors, well, a small business never got off the ground. 

I further note that Houston's regulatory dragnet seems to have applied to magical maids with glasses as well...at least at the time of writing. 

Ubu are you OK?

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1 The funny thing is this - Houston has very little in the way of zoning restrictions to begin with. Not just "better than California", but a genuine low-regulation outlier.
I wouldn't worry about the magical girls. Houston's mayor has done Naruto cosplay before...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Thu Oct 4 01:36:29 2018 (v29Tn)

2 The subject matter of that picture was explored by Fritz Leiber in The Silver Eggheads all the way back in - hey, it's available on Kindle!  That's been out of print since forever!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Oct 4 11:35:26 2018 (PiXy!)

3 When I hear the phrase "sex doll brothel", for some reason it sounds like "Thomas the Tank Engine porn". You know, just a bunch of sad engineers pulling a train.


Posted by: J Greely at Thu Oct 4 16:19:33 2018 (tgyIO)

4 Boo!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Oct 4 20:12:06 2018 (PiXy!)

5 Sorry, I was busy putting in job applications. For Quality Control Inspector, of course.

Gotta be sorry for the folks applying for the "Sanitation Engineer" jobs.

Posted by: Ubu at Thu Oct 11 13:52:06 2018 (SlLGE)

6 Well, they certainly won't have much use for Human Relations. I'm not sure about applying for the IT job, though; "Okay, exactly what were you doing when it crashed. No, not when it went down."


Posted by: J Greely at Thu Oct 11 22:45:59 2018 (tgyIO)

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