September 23, 2018

Medieval Meltdown (UPDATED)

UPDATE: This is a more recent article that is less comprehensive, but potentially less triggering than, the one linked at the end of this post. END UPDATE:

Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown is a medieval studies professor at the University of Chicago. Some years ago she wrote a post on her blog entitled Three Cheers for White Men which is only 228 words long so you should go read it now...

There. Was that so bad?

Well, that post got noticed by the professionally outraged in 2016 and caused, shall we say, a scene, which has been building ever since. 

Fast forward to last month, and it appears that this is coming top a head and the National Association of Scholars has asked the University of Chicago to confirm that she is a scholar in good standing, because things are just that insane now.

There's now a very comprehensive and interesting article on the broader details and implications of this written by...umm...well... 
There's no way to sugar coat this. 
The article is by Milo Yiannopoulos.


It's 16,201 words and despite the author's well earned reputation, is calm, fair, measured, reasonably balanced, informative and completely devoid of profanity except for a few instances necessitated by directly quoting college professors. 

It really is a top notch article, but you'll probably want to run to the loo first and perhaps get some snacks. 

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1 Only started in on Milo's novelette but so far it seems measured and sensible.  If he's trying to rehabilitate his image by producing quality writing, it may well work.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Mon Sep 24 02:33:56 2018 (PiXy!)

2 Cleanup on Aisle 1.

Posted by: Mauser at Mon Sep 24 20:19:25 2018 (Ix1l6)

3 Yeah, I was kind of surprised to see Pixy comment directly below obvious spam, particularly spam targeting his own business, and yet it remained there...

Posted by: David at Mon Sep 24 20:34:21 2018 (JMkaQ)

4 Don't know what you guys are talking about. 

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Sep 25 04:33:21 2018 (PiXy!)

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