February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is for romance, flowers, frills, sparkley eyes and other unhealthy manifestations of the cootie.

To wit...

Some NSFW Valentinery for the ladies

WARNING!!: They are ALL guys...No really!!.... 'cept the 2 android chix who are....androids.  Healthy males should not click on above link or have any contact with Patalliro whatsoever...The goggles...they do nothing...Brickmuppet Blog is not responsible for any damage incurred by ignoring said warnings. If warnings were ignored there is... if not hope...at least the consolation that the link was not to Song of Wind and Trees....(sorry ladies I do have some standards).

UPDATE: Colleen Doran has a bit of discussion and art related to this blasphemous bishonery here...and welcome A Distant Soil readers!

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